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Chapter 13 - Sonic and his friends are continuing investigating where t find Vexon while hiding on the roof tops since they can't be seen by any humans. But then they ran into the mystery team. Who are they? Sonic and his friends are in for a serious brawl! This will include a new song!

Chapter 14 - Phineas and his friends have made it their household of the 2nd Dimension. They meet Phineas-2D and Ferb-2D, but Phineas and his friends don't remember them. This made their 2D counterparts confused. Also, they are having trouble building stuff unlike their prime counterparts since they've never been encourged to have good imaginations.

Chapter 15 - Back at D.E.I. of the 2nd Dimension, while Eggman, Nega, and Doofensmirtz were building the Attract-inator, Perry tries making the perfect escape, but first he has to get through the EggSwats, Dark Egg Legionaries, and even Vexon! Will he be able to escape with all that going on?
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July 27, 2012


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